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CEDO is the pioneer in the manufacturing of garage door hardware since 1947.

Persistent demand for a polystyrene insulated steel garage door brought CEDO to manufacture
this type of door in 1987, the CEDOTHERM SERIES C 3000.

Regardless of the type of insulation used, the insulation quality of any garage door also depends on the sealing of the joints section. 

Having examined this problem, Pierre Juneau, President of CEDO, designed and patented a new tongue-and-groove joint with thermal breaks in three distinct locations, with the aim of preventing infiltration and to ensure a maximum level of sealing.

In 1990, as the renovation market rose steadily, the need for a door with high insulation efficiency became increasingly pressing. To meet this need, CEDO creates the PROGRESSIVE SERIES C 5000 models in galvanized steel and the F-1 SERIES C 7000 in aluminum, with polyurethane foam insulation with the highest insulation factor on the market.

To replace the old, more common method of injecting polyurethane under high pressure, a method that causes insulation turbulence, thereby weakening the rigidity of the panel and thereby reducing the insulation factor, CEDO designed an open casing robotized spreading system free of CFC11 polyurethane for better uniformity of insulation.

In 1997 the ever-increasing demand from the European and American markets forced management to find a new plant more capable of housing

the equipment needed for a global expansion to international markets. CEDO is relocating its facilities to Repentigny, a suburb of Montreal. 

The new, more spacious plant with its 180,000 square feet is better designed to accommodate new equipment for

products tailored to the target markets.

The great vision of the entrepreneur Pierre Juneau, founder and president of CEDO, surrounded by an efficient team in his own image, has

created an enviable status for Quebec in the new global economic vision.



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